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The Water Dragon

The water dragon is guaranteed to be around any property that is situated along the coastline, along the canals or any water way as these large and pretty lizards use the water as an escape if threatened at all. These lizards are very, very fast and will climb a tree or a wall. They are more active at day and love insects or the dog & cat food… or anything left lying around. The boys get much larger and have a big head with spike that are three times the size of the females. The male also has very vivid stripes and often has a blood red belly. A problem arises with these guys as us humans find it funny and entertaining to feed these critters and they will come right up to you, then it gets to a point where they become dependent on us for food or worse they become demanding for food. I often see a dominant male water dragon get feisty with a dog over the dogs food, or the dragon may waltz into your home and think it owns it; so these guys are best left to feed by the creek or canal. They do bite and scratch if picked up but are not venomous.

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