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The Lace Monitor

The lace monitor is a very large lizard that can be found anywhere in Queensland. They are active of a day and will scavenge for anything, but they make a living out of raiding birds nest, eggs and the birds, any form of meat dead or alive small enough to fit in its mouth it will eat. Because of this, these guys have the sharpest of teeth and will use them if the lizard is touched. They require the utmost respect and although non venomous, these guys will defend themselves and they do it well. They are as happy way up a tree as on the ground. The males will get to a length of near 2 meters and 15kgs. If you have chooks they’ll come and raid the eggs. Their claws are designed to hurl the 15kg critter up a tree with no effort so you can imagine they will if you pick them up use them on you these are best left to the experts ….please call for more details or do a search on my you tube channel. Cheers, Tony.