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The Common Tree snake

The common tree snake is as harmless and as its name suggest. A very common snake it’s one of the three snakes that is as happy in the trees or on your roof as he is on the ground. These guys vary unbelievably in colour and grow to about 1.5 meters. A few things that you will notice is how thin they are for the length of the snake and he usually lifts his head up high to look around when approached and people often perceive this as a threat. All tree snakes when cranky will puff up and show blue dots that are under each scale. Most have yellow bellies but some will have blue or grey. These guys come out at day time and are  more common around areas that have water and frogs as that is what they eat, frogs. These guys are sensitive to high temps and often venture inside your house to cool down.
Please call for more info or do a search on YouTube for green tree snake.