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The Blue Tongue Lizard

Howdy guys! There are 5 species of lizard commonly found in suburban set ups. The most commonly found is, without a doubt, the blue tongue skink. He comes out at day time and is found only on the ground. He will not climb trees or fences. He eats snails and slugs or will hi-jack the dog or cat food! He is often found inside as they come in to steal the cat food. These guys will bite in defense if picked up. They are not venomous and have very blunt teeth like our own, although their jaws are quite strong. When confronted with a potential threat they will open the mouth and flash that bright blue tongue. The blue tongue is a very robust lizard that can grow to around 40 cm long and be as thick as a lades forearm. The colours vary greatly from yellow to green to brown or grey.

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