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Local Lizards

The Lace Monitor

The lace monitor is a very large lizard that can be found anywhere in Queensland. They are active of a day and will scavenge for anything, but they make a living out of raiding birds nest, eggs and the birds, any form of meat dead or alive small enough to fit in its mouth it […]

The Water Dragon

The water dragon is guaranteed to be around any property that is situated along the coastline, along the canals or any water way as these large and pretty lizards use the water as an escape if threatened at all. These lizards are very, very fast and will climb a tree or a wall. They are […]

The Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is fairly common in rural properties. They are active of a day and love it when it’s very hot. They eat insects and the odd flower here and there. They are often mistaken for the frill neck because the bearded dragons defence mechanism is to puff himself up and display those spike […]

The Pink Tongue Skink

Howdy all! The pink tongue skink is very similar looking to a blue tongue, although the tongues are different colours and the pink tongue is more active at night and is a climber. Its tail is very long compared to a blue tongue. He varies a lot in colours and he is also famous for […]

The Blue Tongue Lizard

Howdy guys! There are 5 species of lizard commonly found in suburban set ups. The most commonly found is, without a doubt, the blue tongue skink. He comes out at day time and is found only on the ground. He will not climb trees or fences. He eats snails and slugs or will hi-jack the […]

The Burtons Legless Lizard

The burtons legless lizard is active during the day it grows to 25 cm and its colour can be anything. It has ears that are a dead giveaway with a tongue like us, the noticeably different thing with these guys is the very wedge shaped head. These guys are non venomous. For more info please […]

The Three Toed Worm Skin – Legless Lizard

The three toed worm skink is a legless lizard that is active of a night. He has tiny remnants of what used to be legs. It moves like a snake and they also vary a lot in colour. They grow to around 25 cm. You will, if your eyes are good, notice its little ears […]

The Common Scaly Foot Legless Lizard

This is a common scaly foot, a legless lizard that grows to a meter in length and varies a lot in colour. It is more active of a night and pretty much looks like a snake, although it has ear holes and a tongue like you and me rather than forked like tony abbots. For […]